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OUR BELIEF - We are all here on earth for each other, therefore true success to us is defined by the ability to impact positively in the lives of others by sharing these knowledge, gifts and talents that we have. Inspiring women to be highly industrious while giving them opportunities to give back to the society is our greatest accomplishment.



Well, our story has a funny and unusual beginning. The flare for anything hair started a long time ago when Ihu was just a three year old toddler. On a family visit to her cousins’, she was excited to have lots of dolls to play with. However, one of them had this very ugly hair and lil Ihu was keen on making it look pretty. “Mummy please can you help braid my doll’s hair?” lil Ihu said. Mum just held the doll without saying a word, she was so engrossed in the conversation she was having with her co-wife and lil Ihu couldn’t help but wonder if at all she had heard anything she said. In order to avoid wasting any more time, she gently took the doll from her mum who barely even noticed anything had left her hands, went straight to daddy…”daddy braid my dolls hair please” she said to him. Her dad gave a warm smile, took the doll from her tiny little hands and placed it gently on his lap. Then strand by strand he began inter-weaving the doll’s hair as lil Ihu watched in great awe and admiration.

Hair styling wasn’t the only thing Ihu found herself doing as a young girl. She just loved getting her hands on anything she could find. Yes, ‘everything hair’ started with watching daddy braid her doll’s hair, but every other thing, well… pretty much started just like that. She discovered her passion for innovation and was always so keen on creating something of her own. Her mum would always say, “Ihu knows how to get hold of something and totally transform it into something more beautiful.” From making paper clothes for her dolls, to actually making real doll and baby clothes with her little thimble, needle and thread. Yea, she made pretty earrings off office pins when she was about six. She equally knitted baby socks, mittens and hats for her younger cousins. She wove baskets with palm fronds…something her dad found very thrilling. When it was time for mum to take her girls to the seamstress, Ihu always had her own design carefully drawn on a piece of paper. In fact she would modify her dress and that of her lil sister after the seamstress was done, and would never forget to give all the female in the house a good hair style for any event. Oh! Did I forget her paintings and drawings? This was one thing she wrapped her mind and heart around as a child. She would make comic books for her brothers, and draw cartoon characters for her baby sister.

During her college days, she devoted a lot of time and energy as an upcoming engineer to studying , but she never lost touch of her passion for handicrafts. During leisure and holidays, she made costume jewelries and hair accessories. Although she wishes she made a fortune out of them, she is still forever happy that she went with the option of giving them out as gifts to put smiles in the faces of people. After school, it seemed almost impossible balancing work-life as a banker and utilizing her God-given talents, but with determination, commitment and consistency, the young woman forged ahead introducing customized bag-making, make-up artistry and wig making to the long list of skills. In fact on her wedding day, she did her own makeup; tell me which bride does her very own makeup? Not just that, she customized her accessories, designed her traditional wedding attire and modified her wedding gown to look prettier than the designers own version. And with the help of good family, friends and colleagues, she has been able to take these skills to a whole new level, producing a unique brand for women – Queen Bee’s Makeover & Designs.

Now, she collaborates with other strong female brands to create unique products and services that inspire women to discover how beautifully framed they are and what they have been destined to do, so that they can design a life they truly love, and not settle for the traditional path


Ihuoma Chinwe Ukwamedua Ihuoma is on a mission to bring a ray of hope to the lives of young women by helping them believe in themselves and grow into strong, beautiful entrepreneurs. Having had her background in engineering, she equally has over ten years active work experience in banking, project management, customer relations and business development which provides her clients with a unique advantage. Overtime, she has been able to develop a special strategy of combining her career with being a designer, beautician, artesian, writer and motivational speaker. In addition to these responsibilities, she is a wife to a loving husband and a mother to a beautiful daughter. .

‘...success isnt measured by the castles I have built on earth....it is the castles I have built in the hearts and minds of people while on earth.’




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