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ANCIENT & MODERN DESIGNS - Slaying With African Prints

Yes, We Call This Our 'Triple A' Meaning African-American-Attires Because It Combines The African Culture With That Of The 'Oyigbos' As We Fondly Call Them. There Is This Excitement That Comes With Seeing A Blend Of Different Cultures, It Spells 'unity' At Its Peak. Here, We Used The ‘adire’ Fabric To Create Fabulous Kimono Jackets. Also Known As 'tie & Dye', These Materials Were Quite Common In Africa During The Old Days. They Are Popularly Known For Their Ductility, Durability And Ability To Absorb Any Form Of Dye In A Variety Of Colors. Now They Have Gradually Found Their Way Back To The Market And Into The Homes Of Many. The Kimono Jacket On The Other Hand First Originated And Were Traditionally Worn By The Japanese. Other Countries Equally Found A Way Of Creating Their Own Unique Styles Of The Jacket. We Decided To Have Ours In Beautiful African Prints Laid On A Pair Of Blue Jeans And Stiletto Heels. A Perfect Casual Outfit For Going On Dates, Travelling Or Hanging Out With Friends. It Is Suitable For All Weather Types As It Can Be Worn With A Tube During Summer (as Shown) Or With A Sleeved Turtle Neck During Winter. Don’t You Just Love This Look?